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Visit Porthleven in Cornwall England - a visitors guide to Porthleven holiday accommodation and attractions.

Visit Porthleven In Cornwall England

Visit Porthleven in Cornwall England

There are many reasons to visit Porthleven in Cornwall. Enchanting Porthleven harbour is in beautiful West Cornwall. Located between Lands End and Lizard Point it is an ideal holiday base for exploring the Lizard Peninsula and the rest of West Cornwall. Porthleven is steeped in history it is unspoilt and uncluttered.

Inner Harbour

Porthleven harbour in Cornwall

Outer Harbour

Sea view from Porthleven

Visit Porthleven beach, a place to relax and enjoy panoramic views of mounts bay.

Porthleven is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty with the nearby Penrose Estate which is owned by the National Trust. Dramatic coastal scenery can be found alongside golden beaches to nearby Loe Bar and luscious green pastures. Stroll along the harbourside and listen to the gentle lapping of the sea or walk along the coast path and find stunning scenery as the sea crashes on the rocks below.


Porthleven local scenery


Porthleven harbourside


Places to visit from Porthleven include Penrose Estate

The excellent cafes and restaurants in Porthleven will tempt you with their local fayre. Delicious Roskilly icecream, mouth-watering cream teas, traditional pasties and locally caught fish. There are shops and galleries, many exibiting local art and crafts.

See white painted, granite cottages with palm trees and traditional stone banks with wild flowers.

Hear the sea and the birds hovering above it.

Breathe in fresh air.

Taste the real Cornwall.

Experience Porthleven.

Porthleven Holiday Accommodation

Porthleven holiday accommodation ranges from self-catering cottages to B & B's and hotels. Many people also visit Porthleven from other parts of Cornwall.

Visit Porthleven in Cornwall England - a visitors guide to Porthleven holiday accommodation and attractions

The History Of Porthleven

The early to mid 1800's saw the construction of Porthleven harbour. This was a major enginering achievement involving French prisoners from the Napoleonic Wars. One of these prisoners is said to haunt the Ship Inn which overlooks the harbour. Porthleven was designated by Act Of Parliament to become the most southerly port as a safe harbour for ships caught in stormy seas. There are relics of shipwreks to be found in the harbour today including the two canon recovered from the HMS Anson which went down near Loe Bar in 1807.

Find out much more about the history of Porthleven on this site

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Porthleven in Cornwall - a guide to its accommodation and attractions
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