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The National Trust Owned Penrose Estate Near Porthleven in Cornwall.

The National Trust Own Penrose Estate Near Porthleven In Cornwall

The National Tust owned Penrose Estate stretches from Loe Bar and the outskirts of Porthleven and Helston in Cornwall. Walk the winding path around Loe Pool the largest freshwater lake in Cornwall, through woodland & rolling pastures. Take a circular walk from Porthleven. Click on pictures to enlarge:

The gatehouse of the National Trust owned Penrose Estate is located on the coast path near Porthleven The main house on the Penrose Estate owned by the National Trust One of the local places to visit from Porthleven

Penrose Estate stable block Well made paths make walking easy Walking through green pastures

Penrose Estate in West Cornwall Near Porthleven is Penrose Estate. Owned by the National Trust, Cornwall. A nice walk. Granite buildings

The last heir to the Penrose family estate, sold the estate to John Rogers, who became squire of Penrose. The Penrose Estate extended as far as "Sithney side" of what is now Porthleven harbour. In 1974 much of the Penrose Estate was gifted to the National Trust by Lt Cdr J P Rogers. Then the National Trust owned Penrose Estate comprising over 1500 acres of farmland and woods, cottages, 4 miles of coastline and the largest natural freshwater lake in Cornwall, Loe Pool.

Penrose Estate is mainly owned by the National Trust Penrose Estate extends from Loe Bar near Porthleven to Helston Path by Loe Pool, a birdwatchers paradise and the largest freshwater lake in Cornwall

The National Trust maintain the Penrose Estate as an area of great natural beauty, it is a wonderful place for walking as it has miles of paths. Penrose Estate, cows grazing near Loe Pool, the bird watches paradise.

Cows grazing

The walk from Porthleven to Helston through this National Trust park is very enjoyable and its a great place for walking your dog.

Loe Pool is the largest freshwater lake in Cornwall Woodland walks Walking Path at Penrose Estate in Cornwall

A popular place for birdwatching A stream feeding the waters of Loe Pool

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