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Porthleven in Cornwall - Porthleven gig the St Elvan

The Cornish Gig

A gig is made from Cornish Elm.

All gigs are built to the same specification and each new boat is carefully monitored during its construction by the Cornish Gig Association's nominated inspectors. They are 32 foot long and 4 foot 3" across the beam.

There are 8 thwarts (seats), one for the coxswain, six for the rowers and the "seagull" seat in the bow. The rowers sit alternately along the boat, three on the stroke side and three on the bow side.

This Standard is based on the measurements of the "Treffry", built by Peters of St. Mawes in 1838. He considered this craft to be the gig that was best suited to Cornish waters, out of all the gigs that he had built.

Porthleven Gig, St Elvan - Pictured Below

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Porthleven gig the St Elvan        




Porthleven in Cornwall - Porthleven gig the St Elvan

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